Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ari Herzog - Blogger and Controversial Views on Social Media

Ari Herzog is the kind of blogger you like to hate. Don't get me wrong. He is a good writer, but often he can also have very controversial views, even towards Twitter. :-)

But I do kind of like this type of Twitter power user because he stands out. He has a message and a mission, and he is a man who dares speak out against some of the wishy-washy you see all over the internet.

His own description on Twitter speaks for itself:

Newburyport city councilor, transportation policy geek, and online media strategist. Tweeting infrequently:

Becoming a candidate for Prime Tweeter is indeed a sign of being yourself, and I think it deserves praise to have created a brand that is noticed. As a third candidate for this month, Ari does stand out, and deserves to be followed.

See his Twitter profile here:
Currents stats: 7,331 tweets - 1,591 followers and follows 91 - listed on 332 public lists

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