Friday, July 9, 2010

Joel Comm - Author of Twitter Power, Adsense Expert and Chat Show Host

No list of Twitter power users would be complete without mentioning Joel Comm. Our second Prime Tweeter is therefore Joel Comm, CEO of Infomedia Inc.

Joel wrote Twitter Power where he shows how you can dominate your niche one tweet at a time. You can read a review of his book in the article "Review of Twitter Power 2.0 by Joel Comm".You would have to say that Joel Comm is sometimes controversial, but he gets his points across. He is respectful, even towards people with whom he disagrees, and I think Joel has made the internet a more fun place to be.

He is a former gamer. He sold one of his business ventures to Yahoo, and this is today known as Yahoo Games. His family blog site, WorldVillage, is an article database that supplies great content for families, and you will find many great articles on that site.

For those who have seen his shown Adsense Premier, they will notice that he also speaks highly of one of his competitors in the article database niche, EzineArticles' Christopher Knight. So Joel is not an exclusivist person. He has learned from his audience. There was a time when his blog only contained positive comments. He has later accepted more debate, and his blog has subsequently improved because greater nuances are added to the articles written.

Joel is very good at sharing both everyday and special events tweets, and there is a good relationship between tweets about everyday subjects and mentions of articles written. Furthermore, Joel has mastered the art of tweeting when he goes online. He runs his own chat show where people can write comments in a chat forum and get responses to subjects that interest them.

See his Twitter profile here:
Currents stats: 10,929 tweets - 65,336 followers and follows 540 - listed on 2,405 public lists

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Happy weekend to all of you. :-)
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