Friday, February 12, 2016

Twitter Power - It Is An Effective Type of Social Media

Current US President, Barack Obama, has approx. 6.28 million followers on Twitter. When he wrote a tweet, I saw an interesting development. During the first minute, he got 178 retweets and 337 likes. During the first two minutes, numbers had grown to 696 retweets and 1,200 likes.

Obviously, not many of us have millions of followers, but the power of Twitter is still present. People enjoy Twitter, and for my own part, I was somewhat off Twitter whilst I was on Facebook. When I dumped Facebook, I quickly regained the pace of Twitter. Of course, not nearly spending as much time on Twitter as I did on Facebook, but certainly enjoying the ping-pong of quick debates with people across the globe.

In a matter of seconds you can update yourself on timelines based on media you follow, and can get acquainted with news even before it appears on your television.

If you ever doubted the power and benefits of Twitter, you should get on Twitter and check it out. It is a real goldmine of good information at your fingertips in real time.