Monday, August 30, 2010

Nerode Abraham - Third Candidate in August

Chances are you have probably never heard of Nerode Abraham, but that is a shame. He is chosen as the third candidate because he makes a difference. His Twitter profile describes him in this way:

Family guy, teacher, and entreprenuer by heart; love working with the kids and makin a difference. Like martial arts good books on religion and havin a blast!

I fully understand his appreciation of working with kids. That should be at the heart of all family involvement. Nerode is an honest man, and that deserves appreciation.

On the negative side everyone that follows him could have wanted him to tweet more often. Once you read what he has to say, you truly want to read more from his pen. Check out his Twitter profile. You won't regret doing so because he has much to offer, and therefore he is proudly presented as the third candidate for Prime Tweeter.

Nerode Abraham follows 698 people, is followed by 575 people, listed in 2 public lists and has written 143 tweets.

Summary of events here on Prime Tweeter:

In August we have these candidates:

  • Alex Arthur

  • Britt Malka

  • Nerode Abraham

In July we had these candidates:

  • Annette Nack

  • Joel Comm

  • Ari Herzog

  • ProBlogger

And the winner was: Annette Nack

Question of the Month

Who will win the honor of becoming Prime Tweeter in August?
You can decide who the winner will be... Stay tuned so you can vote when the poll opens on wednesday. :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Britt Malka

Britt Malka is our second candidate for Prime Tweeter in August. She describes herself in this way:
Full time writer and reader, part time night elf in World of Warcraft.

Britt has shared her expertise in both Danish and English. She is a prolific writer of booklets describing how-to's of many computer programs. Furthermore, she has addressed the subject of earning money online for numerous years. She has also shared many tips on using your computer more effectively on a Danish blog entitled "Tips & Tricks", and currently offers many ideas for using your computer online on her other blog "Godteposen".

Britt was in fact a big inspiration for my beginning to look into online business, and I can warmly recommend you check out her many blogs on many different subjects.

She has great expertise also in hypnosis, and enjoys many types of hobbies. She became a grand-mother just recently, and currently resides with her husband, Cyril, in France.

Britt Malka follows 437 people, is followed by 707 people, listed in 14 public lists and has written 2,150 tweets.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alex Arthur

Alex Arthur describes himself like this on Twitter: "e-Marketing: knowledge, tips, techniques and mindsets"

Alex is very good at sharing valuable ideas with his followers. A few hours ago he gave this tip about SEO [Search Engine Optimization]:

Identify the websites which send traffic to your competitors & try to get your links or ads on them. Do a search using linkto: then the URL

Alex Arthur is good at describing list building, and when you visit his blog, you will notice that he maintains a good online credibility.

You can get lots of valuable information from his blog, so I warmly recommend you check him out. One good article example would be the article entitled "Is Your Salary Keeping You From Becoming Rich?" which describes a lot about the mindset, and differences between slaves (who work for pay), and independent people. Well worth reading indeed.

Alex Arthur follows 10,198 people, has 9,859 followers and is listed on 138 public lists. He has at this time written 474 tweets.

Monday, August 9, 2010

July Winner

For the month of July, the winner was Annette Nack.

Annette Nack got 50% of votes
Joel Comm & ProBlogger got 25% of votes each
Ari got no votes.

Congratulations to Annette Nack for winning the title of Prime Tweeter for the month of July. She will enter the end of year competition for Prime Tweeter of the year.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let Quality Be Your Guide

Let quality be your guide when using Twitter. Numerous blogs are created that each run their recipes on how to build Twitter power. Many are speculative at best.

What IS the recipe for true Twitter power?

My best advice is to BUILD trust through good social behavior. Share what you know. Participate in discussions. Offer help where you can. Retweet what could help others who follow you - and start building a real online community around your special niche.

Don't worry about numbers. They are often inflated by auto-response systems. You can earn far more money by having a responsive group of 300 followers who actually READ what you have to say, rather than having a list of 20.000 followers who couldn't care less.

What are YOUR thoughts about Twitter? Please share. I want to know what YOU think, please.

Thanks very much beforehand. :-)