Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let Quality Be Your Guide

Let quality be your guide when using Twitter. Numerous blogs are created that each run their recipes on how to build Twitter power. Many are speculative at best.

What IS the recipe for true Twitter power?

My best advice is to BUILD trust through good social behavior. Share what you know. Participate in discussions. Offer help where you can. Retweet what could help others who follow you - and start building a real online community around your special niche.

Don't worry about numbers. They are often inflated by auto-response systems. You can earn far more money by having a responsive group of 300 followers who actually READ what you have to say, rather than having a list of 20.000 followers who couldn't care less.

What are YOUR thoughts about Twitter? Please share. I want to know what YOU think, please.

Thanks very much beforehand. :-)

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