Thursday, August 12, 2010

Britt Malka

Britt Malka is our second candidate for Prime Tweeter in August. She describes herself in this way:
Full time writer and reader, part time night elf in World of Warcraft.

Britt has shared her expertise in both Danish and English. She is a prolific writer of booklets describing how-to's of many computer programs. Furthermore, she has addressed the subject of earning money online for numerous years. She has also shared many tips on using your computer more effectively on a Danish blog entitled "Tips & Tricks", and currently offers many ideas for using your computer online on her other blog "Godteposen".

Britt was in fact a big inspiration for my beginning to look into online business, and I can warmly recommend you check out her many blogs on many different subjects.

She has great expertise also in hypnosis, and enjoys many types of hobbies. She became a grand-mother just recently, and currently resides with her husband, Cyril, in France.

Britt Malka follows 437 people, is followed by 707 people, listed in 14 public lists and has written 2,150 tweets.

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