Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alex Arthur

Alex Arthur describes himself like this on Twitter: "e-Marketing: knowledge, tips, techniques and mindsets"

Alex is very good at sharing valuable ideas with his followers. A few hours ago he gave this tip about SEO [Search Engine Optimization]:

Identify the websites which send traffic to your competitors & try to get your links or ads on them. Do a search using linkto: then the URL

Alex Arthur is good at describing list building, and when you visit his blog, you will notice that he maintains a good online credibility.

You can get lots of valuable information from his blog, so I warmly recommend you check him out. One good article example would be the article entitled "Is Your Salary Keeping You From Becoming Rich?" which describes a lot about the mindset, and differences between slaves (who work for pay), and independent people. Well worth reading indeed.

Alex Arthur follows 10,198 people, has 9,859 followers and is listed on 138 public lists. He has at this time written 474 tweets.

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