Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prime Tweeter - July Voting

We have now reached the first month of candidates for Prime Tweeters. Our list consists of four Tweeters:

You will be able to vote for your candidate as Prime Tweeter in the left hand side of the page. Voting will start right now, and will continue until August 5th 2010 at 03:00 PM CET.

The winner of July 2010 will enter a yearly voting, and will therefore be joined by the winners for August, September, October, November and December in a voting for Prime Tweeter 2010.

ProBlogger - Expert Blogger, Author and Ad Salesman

ProBlogger is known as Darren Rowse. He is a professional blogger, and he has helped many through his e-book "31 Days to Build a Better Blog". He has also written "Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income"

Darren is an Australian, so from our perspective he's from down under, but his tweeting certainly isn't. He is a person who is very good at sharing information on blogging. If you are going to run your own blog, many of his tips will be highly useful for you.

In many ways, ProBlogger does what the rest of us should also be doing. From time to time he will remind his new followers of important foundational articles that can help new people get started with their blogs.

The only thing that can be a bit annoying is that many of the ads he releases are for US-residents only. Somewhat surprising when you just read he is himself an Australian. Many of us do master the English language as either a second or third mother tongue - but are nonetheless disqualified from applying since many are not US-residents.

You will find many valuable tweets when you follow ProBlogger, and he is therefore the fourth candidate for Prime Tweeter for the month of July.

See his Twitter profile here:
Currents stats: 19,585 tweets - 101,806 followers and follows 48,406 - listed on 8,508 public lists

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are You a Mover or a Sleeper?

I could have entitled this article "Twitter Is the Rebel Protection From Total Guru Domination of the Internet", but that might appear strange for this article. But think for a moment. Internet marketing is dominated by maybe twenty to thirty really big guys - gurus in their own minds - catered to by numerous wannabe gurus who all concentrate on marketing whatever comes from the guru-classed "experts". Below them you have even more affiliates running campaigns as a result of what the wannabe gurus present to them from the big guys.

Sound strange?

It shouldn't. Because it's the truth.

Twitter is YOUR unique chance to dominate the internet one tweet at a time when you remain consistent about your message, develop your niche, interact with your followers, promote the good stuff instead of only what comes from the big guys...

In other words, even the smallest project on Twitter can become the very biggest in a short amount of time. It just requires people to be movers instead of sleepers.

If you want to be a mover, who supports better interaction with users, you can begin tweeting about your finding this project where Prime Tweeters ARE to be praised for their being just that bit better than the rest of Twitterville. You can retweet what you find useful, and you can start the process of changing the way internet marketing moves.

Are you a mover or a sleeper? Please comment if inspired... :-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ari Herzog - Blogger and Controversial Views on Social Media

Ari Herzog is the kind of blogger you like to hate. Don't get me wrong. He is a good writer, but often he can also have very controversial views, even towards Twitter. :-)

But I do kind of like this type of Twitter power user because he stands out. He has a message and a mission, and he is a man who dares speak out against some of the wishy-washy you see all over the internet.

His own description on Twitter speaks for itself:

Newburyport city councilor, transportation policy geek, and online media strategist. Tweeting infrequently:

Becoming a candidate for Prime Tweeter is indeed a sign of being yourself, and I think it deserves praise to have created a brand that is noticed. As a third candidate for this month, Ari does stand out, and deserves to be followed.

See his Twitter profile here:
Currents stats: 7,331 tweets - 1,591 followers and follows 91 - listed on 332 public lists

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New e-book: "23 Facts and Keys to Being Among Prime Tweeters Right Now!"

You need the brand-new e-book "23 Facts and Keys to Being Among Prime Tweeters Right Now!" if you want to start growing your commitment to using Twitter to get more devoted followers of what happens in your life.

This e-book has been priced so everyone can afford it. You get nearly 12.000 words in 23 short article-length parts that will cover all aspects you need to know to build Twitter power for a super low price of only $3.95.

I wish you all a happy week of tweeting. :-)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Joel Comm - Author of Twitter Power, Adsense Expert and Chat Show Host

No list of Twitter power users would be complete without mentioning Joel Comm. Our second Prime Tweeter is therefore Joel Comm, CEO of Infomedia Inc.

Joel wrote Twitter Power where he shows how you can dominate your niche one tweet at a time. You can read a review of his book in the article "Review of Twitter Power 2.0 by Joel Comm".You would have to say that Joel Comm is sometimes controversial, but he gets his points across. He is respectful, even towards people with whom he disagrees, and I think Joel has made the internet a more fun place to be.

He is a former gamer. He sold one of his business ventures to Yahoo, and this is today known as Yahoo Games. His family blog site, WorldVillage, is an article database that supplies great content for families, and you will find many great articles on that site.

For those who have seen his shown Adsense Premier, they will notice that he also speaks highly of one of his competitors in the article database niche, EzineArticles' Christopher Knight. So Joel is not an exclusivist person. He has learned from his audience. There was a time when his blog only contained positive comments. He has later accepted more debate, and his blog has subsequently improved because greater nuances are added to the articles written.

Joel is very good at sharing both everyday and special events tweets, and there is a good relationship between tweets about everyday subjects and mentions of articles written. Furthermore, Joel has mastered the art of tweeting when he goes online. He runs his own chat show where people can write comments in a chat forum and get responses to subjects that interest them.

See his Twitter profile here:
Currents stats: 10,929 tweets - 65,336 followers and follows 540 - listed on 2,405 public lists

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Happy weekend to all of you. :-)
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Annette Nack - Health, Writing and Chocolates

The first person to be named among the many Twitter power users out there is Annette Nack from New York.

One of the most positive things about Annette Nack is her determination, and her willingness to share many things with her fellow tweeters. She is a participant in the EzineArticles HAHD 4 challenge, and has had periods of great inspiration on the subject of health, running etc.

What I especially appreciate about the way she presents her profile on Twitter is the fact that she admits to liking chocolate - a highly politically incorrect admission when one considers how some present their health pages. In many pages dealing with health it feels as though one has to be in one group or the other - either super-healthy (doing all the right things) or lazy (just because you also enjoy some of the good things in life).

It is nice to see a balanced profile with lots of funny tweets on long nights when something either annoys or inspires her. I had no hesitation in her becoming the first candidate here on Prime Tweeter.

See her Twitter profile here:
Currents stats: 6639 tweets - 4360 followers and follows 4477 - listed on 53 public lists

Introduction to Prime Tweeter

As I have described above, the purpose of this blog is:

Prime Tweeter is the blog that will regularly update the readers about Twitter users worth following. Real Twitter power is achieved by building a relationship with your followers, and this blog will name the best Twitter users both to commend power users, but also to inspire you about whom to follow.

I believe Twitter has been misunderstood by many, and therefore this blog is needed to provide people with high level quality information about who is worth reading on Twitter.

You can't nominate yourself for inclusion on this blog, but you may certainly recommend people you find worthy to be reviewed by following the Twitter profile Prime Tweeter, and adding your recommendation - either as a comment on this blog or in a DM to me.

Be aware that tweeters with only a few tweets and the last one being half a year old are NOT power tweeters. Twitter users regularly build a relationship with their users, and speculative people won't get any chance to be mentioned. I want to focus on quality of tweets, and therefore this rule is set immediately in the hope that those who nominate will focus only on the very best.

Each month those who were mentioned the month before will be added to a poll so YOU can decide who becomes Prime Tweeter of the Month, and at the end of the year there will be a nomination of the Prime Tweeter of the Year.

Welcome to Prime Tweeter. Build Twitter power by being involved with your audience, and prepare to be reviewed and perhaps chosen as Prime Tweeter of the Year.