Thursday, July 29, 2010

ProBlogger - Expert Blogger, Author and Ad Salesman

ProBlogger is known as Darren Rowse. He is a professional blogger, and he has helped many through his e-book "31 Days to Build a Better Blog". He has also written "Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income"

Darren is an Australian, so from our perspective he's from down under, but his tweeting certainly isn't. He is a person who is very good at sharing information on blogging. If you are going to run your own blog, many of his tips will be highly useful for you.

In many ways, ProBlogger does what the rest of us should also be doing. From time to time he will remind his new followers of important foundational articles that can help new people get started with their blogs.

The only thing that can be a bit annoying is that many of the ads he releases are for US-residents only. Somewhat surprising when you just read he is himself an Australian. Many of us do master the English language as either a second or third mother tongue - but are nonetheless disqualified from applying since many are not US-residents.

You will find many valuable tweets when you follow ProBlogger, and he is therefore the fourth candidate for Prime Tweeter for the month of July.

See his Twitter profile here:
Currents stats: 19,585 tweets - 101,806 followers and follows 48,406 - listed on 8,508 public lists

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