Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Annette Nack - Health, Writing and Chocolates

The first person to be named among the many Twitter power users out there is Annette Nack from New York.

One of the most positive things about Annette Nack is her determination, and her willingness to share many things with her fellow tweeters. She is a participant in the EzineArticles HAHD 4 challenge, and has had periods of great inspiration on the subject of health, running etc.

What I especially appreciate about the way she presents her profile on Twitter is the fact that she admits to liking chocolate - a highly politically incorrect admission when one considers how some present their health pages. In many pages dealing with health it feels as though one has to be in one group or the other - either super-healthy (doing all the right things) or lazy (just because you also enjoy some of the good things in life).

It is nice to see a balanced profile with lots of funny tweets on long nights when something either annoys or inspires her. I had no hesitation in her becoming the first candidate here on Prime Tweeter.

See her Twitter profile here:
Currents stats: 6639 tweets - 4360 followers and follows 4477 - listed on 53 public lists

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