Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are You a Mover or a Sleeper?

I could have entitled this article "Twitter Is the Rebel Protection From Total Guru Domination of the Internet", but that might appear strange for this article. But think for a moment. Internet marketing is dominated by maybe twenty to thirty really big guys - gurus in their own minds - catered to by numerous wannabe gurus who all concentrate on marketing whatever comes from the guru-classed "experts". Below them you have even more affiliates running campaigns as a result of what the wannabe gurus present to them from the big guys.

Sound strange?

It shouldn't. Because it's the truth.

Twitter is YOUR unique chance to dominate the internet one tweet at a time when you remain consistent about your message, develop your niche, interact with your followers, promote the good stuff instead of only what comes from the big guys...

In other words, even the smallest project on Twitter can become the very biggest in a short amount of time. It just requires people to be movers instead of sleepers.

If you want to be a mover, who supports better interaction with users, you can begin tweeting about your finding this project where Prime Tweeters ARE to be praised for their being just that bit better than the rest of Twitterville. You can retweet what you find useful, and you can start the process of changing the way internet marketing moves.

Are you a mover or a sleeper? Please comment if inspired... :-)

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