Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Introduction to Prime Tweeter

As I have described above, the purpose of this blog is:

Prime Tweeter is the blog that will regularly update the readers about Twitter users worth following. Real Twitter power is achieved by building a relationship with your followers, and this blog will name the best Twitter users both to commend power users, but also to inspire you about whom to follow.

I believe Twitter has been misunderstood by many, and therefore this blog is needed to provide people with high level quality information about who is worth reading on Twitter.

You can't nominate yourself for inclusion on this blog, but you may certainly recommend people you find worthy to be reviewed by following the Twitter profile Prime Tweeter, and adding your recommendation - either as a comment on this blog or in a DM to me.

Be aware that tweeters with only a few tweets and the last one being half a year old are NOT power tweeters. Twitter users regularly build a relationship with their users, and speculative people won't get any chance to be mentioned. I want to focus on quality of tweets, and therefore this rule is set immediately in the hope that those who nominate will focus only on the very best.

Each month those who were mentioned the month before will be added to a poll so YOU can decide who becomes Prime Tweeter of the Month, and at the end of the year there will be a nomination of the Prime Tweeter of the Year.

Welcome to Prime Tweeter. Build Twitter power by being involved with your audience, and prepare to be reviewed and perhaps chosen as Prime Tweeter of the Year.

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