Saturday, December 13, 2014

Someone F*cked My Twitter Account

Pardon my french, but someone f*cked my Twitter account, Prime Tweeter, which was intended to keep people alert on what I wrote to commend fellow Twitter users.

It is no secret that the project has been sleeping for some time - but never actually abandoned. Yet, someone used my account to follow 500+ people whose only quality was that they were either pornographic, arabic profiles or just plain trash accounts meant to sell weight loss products or muscle enhancers...

I apologize for not having secured the account. What a loss if someone has unfollowed due to that - and, unfortunately, some have.

Restitution has been initiated. Firstly by unfollowing all the bogus accounts, and now a few articles will be released to make everyone more attentive as to how to protect passive accounts.

One element I did find was that the infringing party didn't write any tweets while holding the account. Very clever, because I follow this account from one of my other accounts. I tweet both in Danish and English, so it was only natural to cross-link so I could see if tweets began appearing on my English timeline.

Have a nice weekend, and hope you come back to Prime Tweeter

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