Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Twitter Marketing - Should I Follow Everyone Who Follows Me?

There are many new users of Twitter who almost feel as though they were obligated to follow back anyone that follows them. Their doubts are a good sense of the normal ethics that say that we should be equally interested in people who take an interest in us, but it can cause some confusion for Twitter users when they lose all understanding of this micro-blogging universe just because they thought they had to check every single tweet that came in their timelines.

Follow Active Tweeters
I have always advised following active tweeters. To say it straight out: if someone follows you, yet has no tweets, follows 25,000 people yet is followed by no one and has a username ending in 5567 that person is probably just a spammer who will be deleted by Twitter in due course anyway.

On the other hand, you can have a user with a user name that was taken long ago. Their are many Donnas or Joans in the world - but real people will be known by being followed by others, and being active with tweets before they begin to be interesting.

Use Twitter the Right Way
In an ideal world everyone you follow will follow you back. This could happen for the few who have chosen a niche where everyone is truly interested in what each have to say to one another. But the normal average will be that about half the people you follow will follow you back.

But why worry about who follows you back? If you do write valuable tweets other people will notice your tweets when they search Twitter, and you will get lots of other followers. The main focus should be on sharing valuable information - not on trying to force others to follow you. Simply because it won't work anyway.

Some Don't Re-Tweet
Even people I know very well are "Scrooges" when it comes to returning the favor of a re-tweet. Either they are ignorant of the principles behind Twitter, or they simply don't care about reciprocal cooperation. Don't let such people annoy you, but keep sharing as you find valuable tweets. That is the best way to proceed because otherwise you begin to lose momentum when you begin worrying about how others don't know how to use Twitter more efficiently.

As long as you use Twitter much better, you will have a competitive edge over others, and you will never have to worry about others overtaking you once they see the errors of their ways, and try walking in your footsteps back on track.

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kuan said...

Agreed 100% There is so much information overload. Can't imagine devoting so much time to Twitter without taking out hours to sleeping, family, etc.

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Henrik V Blunck said...

I can help you by recommending getting an app for your Twitter account. I manage both my Danish and English profile using separate apps on my iPhone, and the luxury of being able to log on to Twitter without having to turn on my computer is a real timesaver. :-)