Monday, April 17, 2017

Contrasts on Twitter Between Obama and Trump

If you are an old-timer on Twitter, you no doubt remember the days when then-Senator Barack Obama ran for office. He was a pioneer on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. He won largely because he understood just how you could be positively engaged with your followers.

His successor, Donald J Trump, is certainly also active on Twitter - but in a very different way!

No one could ever claim that current President Trump has been any encouragement towards anybody on Twitter. In fact, he thrives on opposition, and his followers seem bent on twisting anything that is being said without any consideration of the thought that 'if the shoe fits'... :-)

The contrasts are very sharp - and when you only have 140 characters at your disposal, it can be a real challenge to use this media successfully when you're dealing with a negative mindset such as that presented by Donald J Trump.

I won't get into politics on this blog. If you want to know more about that, you can check the blog World Politics 101. But I will say that it IS quite a challenge to watch our timelines during the last 90 days since Trump entered into The White House.

So much negativity!

We need a different voice. We need a positive search for solutions instead of digging our own graves because of all the wrong solutions in search of short-sighted peace. We need more lasting peace, and we need to maintain a good tone, even when opposition is so negative as they are towards a positive agenda.

Best of luck to all who try to keep a good atmosphere on Twitter. You are very much appreciated. :-)

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