Monday, August 30, 2010

Nerode Abraham - Third Candidate in August

Chances are you have probably never heard of Nerode Abraham, but that is a shame. He is chosen as the third candidate because he makes a difference. His Twitter profile describes him in this way:

Family guy, teacher, and entreprenuer by heart; love working with the kids and makin a difference. Like martial arts good books on religion and havin a blast!

I fully understand his appreciation of working with kids. That should be at the heart of all family involvement. Nerode is an honest man, and that deserves appreciation.

On the negative side everyone that follows him could have wanted him to tweet more often. Once you read what he has to say, you truly want to read more from his pen. Check out his Twitter profile. You won't regret doing so because he has much to offer, and therefore he is proudly presented as the third candidate for Prime Tweeter.

Nerode Abraham follows 698 people, is followed by 575 people, listed in 2 public lists and has written 143 tweets.

Summary of events here on Prime Tweeter:

In August we have these candidates:

  • Alex Arthur

  • Britt Malka

  • Nerode Abraham

In July we had these candidates:

  • Annette Nack

  • Joel Comm

  • Ari Herzog

  • ProBlogger

And the winner was: Annette Nack

Question of the Month

Who will win the honor of becoming Prime Tweeter in August?
You can decide who the winner will be... Stay tuned so you can vote when the poll opens on wednesday. :-)

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